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I am The Unbreakable Ruth,

a Transformational Coach. I am a certified IOATH Therapist,certified mental health coach. The name Unbreakable Ruth came to be due to the fact that I’ve been through the worst form of abuse yet standing.
I’m delighted in empowering you to break out from any form of abuse, move away from your past into the light of who you desire to be and even more, thrive even as a single mum, because there is always more.
I will help you uncover your blind spot and bring you to the core of your being, while living your best life, that very life you have always dreamt of.

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In 2018, I fled from an extremely abusive marriage, broken, shattered, feeling hopeless and helpless. 
I ran to the refuge with my two kids having just £200 pounds with me, but I was determined to move and not ready to bend to status quo.
 Some told me to leave, majority told me to endure. 
But you see, without my decision, every support I got would have been futile. I made a decision to leave. That singular decision  spurred me into developing myself and getting trained. 
That decision was what started to fix the puzzle of my life, without that decision, there will be nothing like The Unbreakable Ruth. 
And because I know how difficult it can be to set out to live the life you want to live, I am on a mission to build as many women as possible. 
You too deserve a happy life, you can be fulfilled and live your dreams. I hope my story inspires you to take that decision today!

For whatever session you choose to work with me, I can assure you of 100% commitment to your growth.

Nothing happens by chance, all that happens to us are as a result of what our mind has weaved consciously and unconsciously.
Ruth Oluwadare


Ok! let me briefly show you the steps I went through that helped me regain my self-confidence and made me the best version of myself.

I came to the realization that I was being abused and needed help.

I spoke up to those I felt would help because they’ve been there.

I left the abusive environment.

I followed people who would help on their social media pages, etc

paid for coaching, because I came to understand that good things require investment,  the growth I wanted requires my investing in it. I needed to do something different to get a different result. 


Practical steps on building your self-confidence.

After going through a life changing experience that left me with zero self-confidence, I saw and heard people talk about how to build your self-confidence by telling people to believe in themselves, I wondered how easy it would be to actually do this, till I took some practical steps in finding out how exactly it is to believe in oneself. 
In this book, I shared tips on how you can build and regain your self confidence.