Hi there, My name is Ruth Oluwadare AKA The Unbreakable Ruth.

This time 2018, I was a struggling woman, trying to fit into the expectations of the society for my life, I was in a very bad state and abusive marriage to top it up, I was far from my support system.

But I was determined to live life according to my dreams and believe me this was not easy, I fell, I cried, sometimes I was tempted to even give up but I couldn’t.

I got up and kept moving. It was not an easy journey but it is worth it.

As a woman there is a silent rule of law for women to live up to an expectation and once you don’t meet up you are castigated or call different names that should not be heard of.

I know there are many women in this category, who want more out of life and what they are getting at the moment, that is why I decided to bring this to you, to get the help you deserve to get.

I have bring these great women together to show you how we can be more and live our dreams.

Lined up below are the topics to be talked on at the conference.

  • Break free and flourish freely – Coach Bims.
  • Building the courage to make moves – Karika.
  • How to move from stagnancy to massive progress -Temi
  • Blurred vision: The unveiling. – Olamide.
  • The triangle of fear – Coach Yemisi.
  • Rise above it all -Zuwaira.
  • Courage to emerge -Damilola
  • How to make your relationship work – Kehinde

My desire is to see you be the woman you want to be, yes you. 

In this conference:

Want to break free and live your best life?

Want to start your journey of becoming?

It’s time to EMERGE!


Dawn of A Brand New Breed of Women.

Saturday, May 29, 2021 - 10AM U.K. Time

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Guest Speakers

Karika Yonreme

Networking and Personal Branding expert

Damilola Olatoye

Blogger and freelance copywriter.

Coach Bims

Transformational Trauma Informed Life & Purpose Coach

Temi Ajibewa

Profitable Personal Branding Expert

Zuwaira Ikharo Shuaib

Certified Forensic Expert, founder, Amal Botanicals Natural Baby Care Company.

Olamide Alabi

John Maxwell Certified Leardership Consultant

Yemisi Adepoju

Life & Self Discovery Coach

Kehinde Oniru

Reinvention Strategist Coach

Ruth Olawadare


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