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Rebirth Renewal Transformation
  • Have you recently faced a challenging period that has left you uncertain, dejected, or questioning your core identity?
  • Are you willing to embark on a journey of transformation and rejuvenation to rediscover yourself?
  • Are you open to being more intentional and deliberate in creating the life you desire?
  • Do you desire to be long to a community of likeminded individuals to propel you to the kind of life you dream?

The Phoenix Odyssey Community is for you

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The Phoenix Odyssey is an exclusive community designed for individuals from diverse backgrounds seeking growth and transformation in various aspects of their lives. The program is available year-round, with payment options tailored to your budget. Additionally, there is a free version with limited access that you can opt for.

Phoenix Odyssey (Regular)

We offer a range of attractive benefits to help you transform your life:

  • Access to tips and support
  • A 5% discount on all services
  • Quarterly Q&A sessions with our team
  • Direct support from myself and other community members
  • Bi-annual self-evaluation with me
  • Spiritual reallignment and growth
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Phoenix Odyssey (VIP)

We offer a comprehensive range of benefits to help you transform your life, including:

  • Expert tips and personalized support
  • A 15% discount on all our services
  • Bi-monthly Q&A sessions, where you can ask questions and get direct feedback from me
  • Direct support from myself and other comunnity members
  • Quarterly self-evaluation sessions with me to track your progress and help you stay on track
  • Access to a network of industry leaders
  • Spiritual reallignment and growth
  • Early access to exclusive offers and promotions.

Meet The Unbreakable Ruth

Ruth Oluwadare, also known as The Unbreakable Ruth is a certified mental health and transformational coach, specializes in abuse recovery, self-esteem and transformational coaching. As a trained Christian trauma healing practitioner based in the UK, she is committed to helping you identify your core self, while also addressing any pain and trauma you may have experienced, ultimately leading to restoration to your original self.

She is a style connoisseur and the visionary founder of The Unbreakable Ruth Foundation and The Unbreakable Tribe hosting over 1000 members

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Payment will be automatically deducted quarterly



Payment will be taken once a year

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Release The Pheonix in you

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